Commercial Security

constantly connected Today we are connected in ways that would have been hard to imagine just a few years ago. No matter where you are, you can interact with others via a variety of communication platforms from an unlimited number of sources.

commercial solutions Effective commercial security systems must be smart, flexible, and adaptable. Smart to provide a combination of intrusion, fire, access control – flexible in monitoring options and adaptable to build on future technology.

your 24/7 sentry – always on duty Smart business owners create a vastly increased level of security by having their system monitored. When there’s an alarm, the system automatically alerts our monitoring station so we can instantly dispatch appropriate emergency responders.

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Protect your business

  • Security and Fire Alarm : Protects office facilities, property, assets and employees. Basic detection solutions to more advanced systems are available. Conventional or advanced addressable systems can identify where the fire or burglary is endangering persons or property.
  • Access Control : Prevents unauthorized entry. Monitor the business environment whether a single door or a networked system in large/multiple buildings with many access points. This feature reduces the hassles of having to re-key locks.
  • Video Surveillance : Digital recording equipment can be accessed from any PC anytime, anywhere with high speed internet connection. ASRVA can customize system to fit any need budget.