More than just an alarm company...

Alarm Systems of Richmond not only specializes in securing your home, but it also helps make it more enjoyable by providing the following services:

  • Home Theater
  • Flat Panel TV Installation
  • Sound Systems
  • Intercom Systems
  • Video Monitoring

Would you enjoy music that follows you around your home and can be controlled from any room in the house? We are happy to provide Sonos whole house audio. Do you want the speakers built into your walls or ceiling – we can do that. Would you rather forgo built in speakers and have small wireless speakers hidden amidst your furniture – we can do that too. We can provide music in multiple rooms in your home.

Are you looking to upgrade your older television for a newer high definition or 3D model – we can do that, install it, and add the equipment you need for room filling video sound. We install home theaters, from an average family room with a flat screen television to dedicated media rooms with a projector. We can provide and install as little or as much of the system as you desire.

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